• johnny doesn't use his magic for anything other than moving and music despite being adept after having been trained since birth. that may be considered such a waste by others, but to him, it only gives him a chance to help other wizards. he's fond of fixing broken wands and reversing failed spells whenever he can. he's also a vintage potion recipe collector.


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  • john seo, sometimes johnny, sometimes youngho.
  • born february 9, 1995 to a family of entertainers— the seo family house is never quiet.
  • therefore, johnny is never quiet. unless he's working.
  • probably ( actually ) sings his own background music.
  • when he isn't singing his own BGM, he's playing the guitar, piano, or DJ controller.
  • the type of guy you'd introduce to your mom. ( 8 out of 10 moms on average really like him. )
  • goes with the flow, but sometimes carefree to a fault.
  • dislikes confrontation and conflict generally, so he tries to get along with everyone.
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