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I have learned a lot over the past few years about myself and what I want out of life. I started this listography for fun at first and now I'm finding I use it more as an outlet to my madness and periodic thoughts. For those of you that read it I hope you find it interesting at least.

Tally travel (Places I want to visit)
autobio (life to-do)
about me (things I am attracted to)
music (me; some more, some less)
about me (i have odd habits)
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  • My Parents Divorce
  • Living With My Grandma
  • Moving A Lot ( 15 times )
  • Mom Having My Little Sister
  • Mom Getting Remarried
  • Learning to Live with A Psycho
  • Taking care or my siblings all the time
  • Growing up at the age of 9
  • Learning how to do everything with babies by age 10
  • Doing All House Chores
  • Going To Church Every Saturday for 7 years
  • No Tv watching on Saturdays
  • Being Told I'm 90% Evil and 10% good by my step father
  • Becoming the only one who stood up to him
  • Becoming head of the household
  • Watching a friend do hard drugs
  • Living in a motel
  • Dealing with Hoarding
  • Learned how to really say NO
  • Moving out for the first time
  • Moving back home to help my mom
  • Throwing large parties for my friends
  • Helping a friend in need
  • Telling my mom to help herself because I was tired of doing everything.
  • Union Involvement
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Almost going on Strike
  • Politics
  • Moving in with 3 other people
  • Living with someone who is toxic
  • Ending a 3 year relationship
  • Moving out alone
  • Being honest with myself
  • Finding my real dad
  • Almost getting fired
  • Agreeing to something for someone else's sake
  • Not giving up on something you really want.
  • Watching my bestfriend move away.
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