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I have learned a lot over the past few years about myself and what I want out of life. I started this listography for fun at first and now I'm finding I use it more as an outlet to my madness and periodic thoughts. For those of you that read it I hope you find it interesting at least.

Tally travel (Places I want to visit)
autobio (life to-do)
about me (things I am attracted to)
music (me; some more, some less)
about me (i have odd habits)
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  • Consuming
  • Back breaking
  • Constant source of headaches
  • Random amusement
  • Rapeface
  • Steals the soul
  • No social life
  • No time off
  • Pays $20 bucks an hour
  • Glen says you are all doing a good job
  • Union activism
  • No More Evil St.Albert Store!
  • Supervisor Batman
  • Springroll
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