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  • Yahoo Answers. I love nothing more than to gander at all the interesting (and embarrassing) questions people have to ask.
  • Writing songs.
  • Dinner parties. So much funsies.
  • Watching someone give a speech.
  • Celebrating Australia Day, because you can drink as much beer as you'd like without judgement. Oh, and I'm just a proud Aussie....
  • Trying to sing to like La Roux.
  • Baking!1
  • Making mixed CD's.
  • Collecting movie tickets.
  • Feeding babies.
  • Reading the label on anything.
  • Guitar Hero.
  • Dressing like a boy.
  • Trick or Treating! I hate that no one does it much here.
  • Cookie Soup. Basically oreo's &/or cookies in milk. Eaten with a spoon.
  • Long car rides. (Only when I have my I-pod with me)
  • Watching lame romantic movies and eating cookie soup when my spirits are low.
  • Trying to learn every instrument. I should stick to one for now.
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