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  • I wear eyeliner on the outside of my eyes, not the inside.
  • I add a little water to my soda, because it's usually too fizzy.
  • I like to floss my teeth at least once a day.
  • My favourite candle scent is vanilla.
  • I love my ceramic figurines.
  • I have a message in a bottle displayed in my room which I've made impossible to open.
  • Most books I own have a black cover, I've noticed.
  • My favourite part of a mango is the seed.
  • When I'm blank I listen to french soundtracks.
  • I love adding another vinyl to my record collection.
  • I need to have at least 6 pillows on my bed.
  • I think anime characters are very sexy.
  • I do not like trying on clothes before I buy them. ever. In fact I don't like shopping much at all.
  • If my house burned down the first thing I would save is my books, records & my notebook where I draw, paint and write lotsa things in.
  • I wonder if therapy really works.
  • I don't go by normal dress codes.
  • I like Mustard coloured anything.
  • I really like Blue coloured/flavored everything.
  • I write lyrics everywhere.
  • I think snow is very beautiful.
  • I think rainbow bagels are the coolest thing ever created.
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