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  • Fall Out Boy. - roflcopter. Pete signed my shirt and got a little too comfy with his hand on my stomach.
  • Gerard Way - Back in the revenge days. None of this Black Parade crap. He's so super sweet.
  • Frank Iero - ^_^ This little man. Love him.
  • Ray Toro - The man with the fro!
  • Fall Out Boy - again.. mwauha.
  • Quinn Allman (The Used) - He was real nice and shy, unlike Bert who jumped the fence just to not run into anyone. haaa.
  • The Veronicas + got on stage with them. - Jess wanted me. Truth be told, the whole crowd as my witness.
  • La Roux - Oh Elly. ^_^ She's gorgeous and her accent made me melt a little.
  • The Art - These guys were just fun to hang out with tbh. Also every member is good looking.
  • Marilyn Manson - Briefly. Wanted to get a picture with him real bad. His head probably wouldn't fit into the frame though. lol.

I shall meet in time !

  • Ryan Ross - Dammnit. I wanted to meet him on the first tour.
  • Joshua Vonn Grimm (The Horrors) - The Hair and teeth win at life.
  • Katy Rose - I really relate to her. Hope she comes here soon.
  • Matt Bellamy - Epic Voice and down to earth.
  • Brian Molko - I really want to touch his head + his voice is really great etc.
  • Emma Anzai(Sick Puppies) - So badass and Aussie too. Loves it.
  • Bill Kaulitz(Tokio Hotel) - No I'm not a fangirl. I just wanna see if this guy is real. He looks like something that came out of an Anime flick. Spins me out.
  • Bert McCracken - So I can tell him to shower.
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