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I don't have any triggers. I can tolerate displeasures, but not all of it. I mostly get pissed instead of being uncomfortable. I seldomly get uncomfortable. Don't stick with me if you:

  • Can't tolerate opposing opinions.
  • Only complain and don't take action to resolve whatever your dillema is.
  • Act rude to people who properly opposes their opinions with you. It's way more disrespectful than opposing your precious opinion. O p i n i o n .
  • If you proudly think that researching stuff to defend your opinion will make it a fact. No. You can't declare it so easily even if you have done your research. It might be still debatable.
  • Just being a total smartass and asshole to people who respectfully opposes your opinion overall.

Just don't act like all of the above arou...

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  • Name: Rochelle
  • Nicknames: Chelle/Chellie, Shizuki/Shizukicchi
  • Sex/Gender: Female
  • Birthdate: June 2,1999
  • Nationality: Filipino
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A list section about all things my roleplay life.

List of Roleplay Accounts: *note: info links are in-progress



  • Hanamaki Takahiro


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I love

  • Haikyuu!!
  • LoveLive!
  • SB69 (Show By Rock!)
  • Undertale
  • Drawing
  • Music
  • League of Legends
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