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  • Hey-lo! I am Saveria, the writer behind this account. Though the name sounded long, you can shortened it as Save.
  • A little TMI, I am one of the lucky INFJ-T person. Also, a Capricorn.
  • I love movies. "Me Before You" and "Clouds" are the top list the favourite of mine.
  • Musics, of course. On the top of the list would be Lauv, James Arthur, Joji, and Cigarattes After Sex. Not to forget, K-POP. Treasure will be the ultimate group, and XDINARY HEROES alongside. STAYC, and Billlie are on the list too.
  • With the famous Jujutsu Kaisen attacks the boreness I felt, I am most likely putting Jujutsu Kaisen as my favourite anime. And Fushiguro Megumi as the number one Jujutsu Sorcerer I adore. Not to mention I don't like the other, I love them all.
  • I hate worms. And their friends.
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