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*Hello my name is Mell!
This is just my personal page for updates/Progress on commissions and my own personal Projects.

Its a nice hub where I keep things organized and stuff for commissioners/followers to see!

I update this weekly/if not by every work day.

My work days for art are:
I sometimes take Saturdays and Wednesdays off! It depends!

Mell follows:
Tiff to do (Commissions)
to do (Gifts)
art (Interested in commissioning me? )

★Name: Mell / Melly / Mello ★Age: 26 ((October 10th)) ★Height: 5'4 ★They/Them, She/Her★ ★ Non-Binary / Demisexual/Bisexual ★

  • My work days are:

Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday I sometimes take breaks on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Lists are organized weekly, and prioritized.

    • Commissions > Art Trades > Personal Projects/WoolTales

Please read my Terms of Service before Commissioning me, and message me about deadlines. Charges will apply to close deadlines within two weeks


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