"once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy."

guess that saying isn't always true.

for kim namjoon, he himself was known to be very provocative, flirty, and pretty much a fuckboy around the other students. that is, until he met kim taehyung.

they did meet in bad terms at first though.

namjoon drinking, taehyung getting mad. namjoon thought taehyung was pretty much just another bossy intellect coming his way.

pretty much after a small argument over how 'alcohol could kill you' and a near-death (or so namjoon thought.) experience from being caught not in dorms during sleeping hours by the principal, a one night stand happens, which ends up having namjoon being easily attached to the other.

the following day had included namjoon convincing taehyung to drink (and he did.), both the two spraying graffiti onto alleys, namjoon somehow beginning to crush on taehyung, and getting caught.

two days of hell follows as taehyung's (shitty) parents arrive at the school, having namjoon be put in a horrible position as he watches his crush's own mother beat her son up right in front of him, causing joon to react to her just as violent. taehyung ends up being disowned, but at least him and namjoon knows that he'll be in safer hands by then.

and safer hands meant namjoon's hands too.

weeks passed by, the two began to get closer each and every single day they spent together, having namjoon end up falling in love for taehyung. then, after a date of ice skating, hot chocolate, star gazing, and a very shy confession from joon, his and taehyung's lips and heart finally collide in unison.

"5th December 2016 ー aka the day i finally got to call kim taehyung mine, and mine only."


dec 5 2016 ∞
dec 6 2016 +