• bad timing. taken by jimin.
    • in where ch. a and ch. b are childhood enemies, somehow bumping into each other again on the school campus.
  • cutie. taken by jongdae.
    • being a flirt, namjoon wastes no time hitting on y/n, later given a furious blush and an insult about how much of a flirt he is. but he doesn't care, and continues to hit on y/n.
  • intoxicated. taken by taehyung.
    • in where y/n, who's an intellect, spots a drinking namjoon outside on campus, hating the smell and therefore confronting him.
  • fire. open
    • being an avid lover of either things hot or watching something burn, namjoon's holed up somewhere (we could discuss where), burning a few pieces of paper, not minding the smell and pollution he's causing until y/n walks in on him.
  • bet. open
    • in where namjoon and y/n have a bet, and y/n loses, having to pay his debt to joon by going out on a date with him.
  • soft. open
    • in where y/n is the first to see joon's (surprisingly) soft side (as maybe perhaps something had happened to y/n, who's joon's (best) friend?).
  • bookworm. taken by haru.
    • in where y/n spots namjoon in the library, joon's nose buried deep into a book made by an author that both y/n and namjoon really admire.
  • star gazing. open
    • "to be honest, i was going to drop astronomy at the beginning of the year, but you were really nice and seeing someone get super excited about space kind of made me want to stay in the class. now it’s the end of the year, and well, i wanted to ask you if you wanted to go stargazing with me."
nov 27 2016 ∞
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