• An oversized armchair
  • On your stomach on the floor
  • A blanket laid out in the grass
  • In the sun on the back porch
  • Beside the fireplace
  • In the light of the window
  • Reclining in a lawn chair
  • Under the table
  • Sitting over the heating vent
  • On the bed with pillows piled high around you
  • Under the covers
  • Tucked away in the corner
  • Laying in the sunshine
  • Beneath the trees
  • With a cat somewhere nearby
  • And always with a cup of tea
feb 7 2011 ∞
jul 12 2011 +
user picture Lydiane: "An oversized armchair" sounds just about right. feb 8 2011
user picture Tamerah: If only I had one! Situated right beside the window, perhaps with wind chimes outside tinkling in the breeze. feb 11 2011
user picture shirley: This list is absolutely beautiful -- it makes me ache for some good books and some free time. apr 17 2011