• Loud people on the bus/train
  • Red and pink together
  • Everyone at some point or another
  • People who complain about everything (oh wait... that's me)
  • People who believe they can write/speak English but they really can't and I end up bleeding words through my eyes
  • Teachers who say "This class is half empty! I'm so mad, tell your colleagues they MUST come!" Well, I AM HERE AND IT'S 8 am, shut up
  • Morning people. Yeah, those who can actually hold a conversation when they've just gotten out of bed. Hi mom!
mar 8 2012 ∞
mar 8 2012 +
user picture egaara: Mmm...sounds familiar...I don't know why... mar 18 2012
user picture Gina: Red and pink together. Eso tiene que incumplir alguna regla, ya no solo de moda, sino legal. jun 19 2012