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  • GNU Social (microblog social network)
  • phpBB Forums (forums, duh)
  • Saidit (message boards)
  • Matrix-Synapse (chat)
  • XMPP (chat)
  • FunkWhale (music streaming)
  • PeerTube (music footage mostly)
  • Wiki.js (underground music related infos) (Moved to Beyond The Pit Productions co-op)
  • GNU FM (scrobble your listens)
  • Icecast (radio stations)
  • GetTogether (events!)
  • Dreamwidth (Community/blog)
  • phpList (mailing lists)
  • LimeSurvey (for feedback)
  • Paste (paste code and other texts)
  • YOURLS (URL shortener)
  • Keycloak (single sign-on & 2nd factor authentication)
  • PrestaShop (buy stuff) (separate account) (Moved to Freak~A~Wear)

Everything is free/libre open source software. Blog/Community is hosted on the official DW site because they're awesome but don't federate.

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jun 9 2020 +