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Listography for Commissions from YuumaTsukumo

Will take Commissions ONLY trough Twitter DM.

Please read listography before asking for commissions.

YuumaTsukumo follows:
  • Since I am offering free commissions there is no refund or complaint possible even if you don't like the pic.
  • Due to my sickness I won't take any timed commissions since I can only work when I feel good or am able to sit on the table to draw. Please sympathize and don't force me on time to finish a picture as fast as possible. Also please don't put me under pressure or I have to stop the commission.
  • I will limit the commission list to 5. Also I will only take 1 commission per person. Collage Commissions are not possible.
  • Even if those commissions are free DON'T post my art as your art. Also don't delete or cut off my signature if reposting. For supporting please credit me in the post with link.
  • After finishing a picture I won't "change" details on it anymore. FInished is Finished.
  • Coloration won't be sure. Depending the situation (and my health) I will color it or not.
  • I won't draw Furries and any NSFW, Gore or Lolicon stuff. Also I won't copy drawing styles. Please be aware that if you don't like my Art style then don't ask for commissions.
  • I am streaming from time to time. If you don't want your picture to be drawed in a stream please tell me on DM.
  • I ONLY take commissions via Twitter DM.
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