• If for whatever reason you don't want to draw them in their default outfit, feel free to draw my OCs wearing an alternative outfit
  • Feel free to share any headcanons you have that would honestly blow me away
  • Feel free to headcanon any of my OCs as trans/not cis, but any characters that are trans/not cis in canon need to stay that way
  • I don't mind if the colors aren't 100% accurate, I don't have official colors up anywhere so I think this is fair
  • But please do not lighten the skin tone of anyone, even if they are an unnatural color
  • You don't need permission to draw any of my OCs, but please show me!!!
  • It'd knock my socks off if you drew my OCs interacting with yours!!!
  • PLS feel free to send me any questions yo...
dec 27 2018 ∞
dec 27 2018 +