• Urbana
  • Coventina
  • Xenia
  • Grainne: In love but it is too word name for me. It reminds me too much of a grain of salt.
  • Norma Jean: I don't like Norma or Jean by themselves but together I am in love. I feel like this is just way too old lady for me to use.
  • Wisteria
  • Papila (Pa-peel-uh): A great Hawaiian name but I'm not Hawaiian enough to use it and it would probably be mispronounced too much.
  • Hypatia (hi-pay-shush)
  • Koa: I know this is a boy name but because it ends in a A it seems to fit a girl more too me. It sounds so fresh compared to Noah (even though Noah is a boy name).
  • Begonia: Flower names are so cool but Begonia sounds too much for a little girl.
  • Prairie: I love word names but Prairie is just too out there for me to use.
  • Paityn


  • Adlai: I love this name but it sounds too feminine to me. Almost like Addison or Adaley.
  • Birch: I am all for nature names but for some reasons this name is too out there for me.
  • Clear: A tom of my top names are word names but Clear is way too much of a word name. Plus it reminds me too much of Claire.
  • Quigg: This name sounds so cool but is just too out there for me to use as a first name. It also sounds too similar to Quinn.
  • Seaton (shay-tin): Not only does this name look cool but it sounds cool! Only problem is this little boy would have a ton of problems with his name.
  • Apostolos: I love this grand name but it reminds me too much of the Apostles and its to Greek for me too use it.
  • Caplan: I love this name but it sounds too girly for me to see it on a boy.
  • Cross: Cross is yet another word name that I love but it makes me think of Jesus, church, and crucifixion too much.
  • Pascal
  • Remus
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