7/1 Late night talks with Dillon

7/2 The birds that fly around our house and come eat the bread

7/3- a whole list of things! (Picture to come shortly)

7/4- Being pulled from the Med cart at 3

7/5- relaxing time to read

7/6- The sweet comment from a patient’s family saying I’m special women all because I took 3 minutes of my day to FaceTime them

7/7- that I’m a normally cold person and can go without the air conditioner

7/8- having my 2 coworkers there when I need them. Even if today they weren’t there it just means I’m extra grateful

7/9- the perfect beach day: not windy at all, warm but with a possibility of staying cool, and not overcrowded

7/10- rainy days watching mystery shows on Netflix

jul 1 2020 ∞
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