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A chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing me due north; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean

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sarah television
asy favourites (food)
syaza wishlist
wishlist (makeup)
    • quiet cafes
    • sleeping when it's pouring outside
    • literature
    • books
    • watching the sunset
    • hot showers
    • the feeling after getting into a hot shower
    • chilly weathers
    • watching Friends with my friends
    • fashion!
    • airplanes *cues song*
    • long car/bus rides at night
    • hugs
    • movies
    • furniture stores
    • theatre plays
    • rabbits and cats
    • museums and galleries
    • the smell of newly-printed papers
    • i like to smell paint and petrol sjdhbisd weird i know
    • twitter LOL I'm super active
    • i love football a lot
    • 8am on a sunday its the best thing guys
    • being with syukran because he makes me the happiest
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may 25 2019 +