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(started may 4th, 2015)

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BINNIE (비니) ✧ bae yoobin (배유빈)

  • born september 9th, 1997: 22
  • subvocal
  • photo 1
  • blood type: O
  • hometown: chuncheon, gangwon


binnie has been oh my girl's emotional girl from the beginning, from that very music show where exid won and her eyes shined from the empathy to her unstoppable ugly crying when oh my girl got their very own first win. she's incredibly smart and responsible, interested in liberal arts and having a good ranking in high school. but she's been in the industry since she was a kid, acting as a child and modeling - she was also in a kids' girl group. she isn't in college now, focusing on work instead. seunghee is from the same hometown as her and binnie knew of her before they trained together because seunghee is famous there. she is very particular about organization - her socks are lined up in a drawer at home by color and texture.

she has great aegyo (her classic kyu bu chu) but she pulls off the sexier concept well from what we've seen (see: confused predebut cover; and the similarity between that and the love o' clock outfits). there are also screenshots of her posting on an equivalent of yahoo answers when she was a kid LOL, where she said her dream was to be an entertainer and asking how she could achieve that. <3 she has one older brother a year older than her (96 line). her "concern" at the secret garden showcase was that she loves kissing the members but they don't always accept it. she's the member who loves skinship the most. binnie is very close friends with dia's yebin and pristin's roa and yuha from high school, among many other girls.

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