who are loona?

LOONA (이달의소녀) is an upcoming 12 member girlgroup under blockberrycreative.

they will introduce each member over the course of a year or more. each member will get their own solo, once a month.

but not only are they releasing a solo every month, the already introduced members also get to release a single together, or another special release.

loona tv playlist

note : go to ongoing page for the members' lists. videos will be listed by member and not by released date. e.g. cfs released in march will be in the member's list and not in loona 1/3's list

jan 30 2017 ∞
apr 23 2017 +

loona 1/3 is a subunit that consists of 4 members; heejin, hyunjin, haseul and vivi. they are the first subunit to debut on a music show

title song: love&live

song: you and me together

repackage: love&evil

title song: sonatine

feb 13 2017 ∞
may 25 2017 +