• Be older than me, or my age or not more than a year younger.
  • Be smart, or at least not completely dim.
  • Be involved in something, work or making dreams happen, no procrastination, I do enough of that myself.
  • Love animals, or at least try.
  • Be dirty, by that I mean pervy not don't wash.
  • Have a house
  • Be funny.
  • Don't be really socially retarded.
  • Like lie ins, with me, don't sleep all day and not be fun.
  • Have an open mind
  • Look good in a shirt.
  • Think I am brilliant.
sep 28 2007 ∞
jan 12 2010 +
user picture mademoiselle robot: I would take you on a date, because according to this list i am your dreamboat, but unfortunately i don't look dreamy in a shirt. nov 21 2007
user picture misslouise: I wish I was gay and you were gay and you didn't have a baby or a boyfriend, oh but wait, you don't look good in a shirt - FORGET IT
user picture mademoiselle robot: SIGH nov 22 2007