• Umbrellas- I love umbrellas, I don't like the rain, but if it's going to rain then I am at least going to have an umbrella that matches my outfit. I have about ten, that's probably too many.
  • Knickers- somewhere nearing 80 pairs I think.
  • Stationary- Paper, letraset, pens, stickers, mainly notepads, I love them, I am almost drooling right now just thinking about how much I love stationary. Please buy me some. I especially like it when I'm abroad and I get to buy werid foreign stuff, i can't even imagine what will happen when I finally make it to Japan.
  • Animal news cuttings- from papers, I need to make a folder, mainly they are scattered about my room.
  • Necklaces- this isn't intentional, but I appear to have a ridiculous amount. Special mentions for this year have been the bee, the gold tooth, the two swallows, the name necklace and the octopus. I have already found a new shop today selling more I must have.
  • Anatomical items- I have x-rays of my skull, my chest and my spine. Luckily I also have a light box, brilliant. I think it must be backlash from having been so ill, but I go giddy over medical everything. I recently discovered the medical section in Foyles and proudly returned home with a bone shaped pen and a set of highlighters shaped like syringes (amazing). I particularly like anything to do with teeth, one day I hope to have a molar chair. The main thing I have to do in 2008 is finish making my life size cardboard skeleton. I bought it from a book shop in South Ken and it is so beautiful, but I have only made the spine. It's really a two man job. Help me. The reason the Octopus is my favourite sea creature is that it has THREE hearts. wow. I have to stop here...
  • Dresses- Last count 45, and I always need more.
nov 23 2007 ∞
dec 20 2007 +