• 01/21 i had a dream that i was staying in a hotel. my room happened to be very large - it was the size of a house, actually. there was a large and wide staircase leading up to the main bedroom. beneath that were dingy rooms, an entire floor devoted to mess and poorly made furniture. above that was a luxurious room, in which a large bed lied against a black headboard. i entered the room with only the goal of sleep. soon before i knew it, i was fast asleep in the dark, with only a dim light on. i awoke at somewhere between 1:58 am and 2:02 am, only to realize that i was supposed to meet moses at his apartment. i call him immediately. i tell him "hey, i'm sorry, i don't know what happened. the hotel here is nice." he says to me "ah, not really." i try to show him how nice the hotel is.
  • 05/12 I had a dream that I was driving a car with Juliana and she kept telling me to speed up to avoid being chased by the cops but it was like a video game and I couldn’t understand the controls. The windshield was showing a third person POV. I ended up scraping the car badly on other cars because the detachable wheel was sitting on my left hip and I couldn’t move it in time. The wheel was on the left side. I was able to escape the cops because they were ready to shoot a man. I didn’t quite know why. When it got I thought to myself we better hide out in my family home in case something happens and they know we were speeding and the car is damaged. We drove into a ravine to a huge beautiful family house with many open windows. I was driving a beautiful red topless corvette thinking to myself I’m hot shit right into the house’s open floor. And mama was there and she greeted me and I looked around, having invited this girl into my house for the first time. I said we needed to close the doors/windows and she said the maids would do it. So then we walked through the house and I remember thinking it was very similar to her house. She and I were starting to fall asleep and I said Julii? Are you sleeping? We were in my NYC bedroom. She looked like Morgan this time. I said you can sleep on the thick yoga mat with some pillows. She tried to get comfortable. In the morning she was Julii again and I asked how long she’s in town and she said she was free until July and I was so excited. Thinking we can spend the whole summer together. I said ok well today we can go to Walmart and drop it off, get it fixed. Try to decide some like… food ideas we wanna make and go look at albums and books we’d never buy in Target while the car gets fixed. She was like “ok Kitty.” And in my dream I started thinking about how if I was dating Moses I’d be too jealous to have a friendship like this. And I thought to myself in the dream that this is what friendship could be like but its not, Juliana wasn’t like that.
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