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i'll put it all on paper
so i can remember, i'll say it with my voice
so you can remember also

dorsh follows:
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  • ˹kim dong-young˼ ▪ 김동영
  • 960201 // aquarius
  • main vocal
  • nct u ▪ nct 127


  • 좋다 (10/10, favourite predebut performance of all time, you can't really see much of him, and you can tell he's a little untrained, but his voice sounds so full, free and happy and i just want to cry a lot)
  • poker face (rly shitty audio but this is a CLASSIC, this was his own rendition of poker face that he directed for his hs choir;; baby gets a lil emotional when everyone starts singing ofc I'M emo)
  • bad romance (not gaga) (he's a lil rusty but i love the tone of his voice ALSO who doesn't love awkward high school rock band front man kim dongyoung?!?)

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debut - present!

may 15 2017 ∞
apr 5 2019 +