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i'll put it all on paper
so i can remember, i'll say it with my voice
so you can remember also

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  • ˹kim dong-young˼ ✧ 김동영
  • 960201 // aquarius
  • main vocal
  • nct u ✧ nct 127


  • 좋다 (Good) (by Daybreak) Cover
    • note: 10/10, favourite predebut performance of all time. you can't really see much of him and you can tell he's untrained, but his voice sounds so full, free and happy! makes me weep!
  • Poker Face (by Lady Gaga) Cover
    • note: the audio quality is pretty low, but this pre-debut vid is a classic! he directed this rendition of poker face for his high school choir, and you can see him get a little emotional when everyone starts singing together
  • Bad Romance by Seven Able
    • note: this, unlike poker face, is not the gaga song! in fact it's an original song by his band! apparently, he composed the melody too. he's a little rusty but i absolutely love the tone of his voice. i mean, who doesn't love awkward high school band front man kim dongyoung??

rookies era

  • 미워요 (I Hate You ) (by Jungin) Rookies Show Cover
    • note: that HIGH NOTE! oh my God
  • 말없이 바라만 봐 (by 40) DY focus Rookies Show fancam
  • 텐데 (Timeless) by Doyoung, Taeil and Jaehyun (Rookies Show, fancam by SAL)
  • 텐데 (Timeless) by Doyoung, Taeil and Jaehyun (Rookies Show, fancam by HB)
  • Winter Rose (by TVXQ) Rookies Show Cover
  • Peace of Mind/Piece of Mine by Taeyong feat. Doyoung
    • note: original lyrics by Taeyong, the instrumental is 'Sideline Story' by J. Cole
  • Switch Off by Taeyong feat. Doyoung
    • note: original song by Taeyong
  • 너에게 (To You) (by Sung Si Kyung) Rookies Show Cover by Doyoung and Jaehyun
  • Beauty and The Beast Cover by Doyoung and Koeun (Mickey Mouse Club)
  • Lost in Love (by SNSD) Rookies Show Cover by Doyoung, Taeil and Jaehyun
    • note: this is, along with the next link on this list, is my FAVOURITE rookies era performance of all time! god tier harmonies!
  • Lately (by Stevie Wonder) Rookies Show Cover by Doyoung and Taeil
    • note: this is actually a taeil focus fancam but, as i said, this is tied with LIL as my favourite rookies performance of all time and they both sound amazing

debut - present!

may 15 2017 ∞
mar 8 2020 +