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i'll put it all on paper
so i can remember, i'll say it with my voice
so you can remember also

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jun 30 2017 ∞
may 5 2019 +
  • nct : nct dream!!!♡, doyoung♡, taeyong♡, haechan♡
    • renjun♡, kun, ten, yangyang
    • 7dream♡, '00 line♡, wayv, '96 line, tendes, t7s
  • got7 : jinyoung, jaebum
  • blackpink : lisa, jisoo
  • red velvet : yeri, seulgi
  • other : bap, shinee, winner, ikon, bigbang, exo, day 6, twice, sunmi, akmu, oh my girl
feb 12 2017 ∞
apr 7 2019 +
  • when doyoung got accepted into SM, he told all his classmates that he was leaving school to study abroad. years later, he shocked them all when he suddenly appeared on TV after debuting.
  • mark lee left canada to join SM without telling any of his friends, so after he disappeared they all thought he was dead.
  • despite being allergic to cats, jeno still has 3 of them! two of them (seol and nal) were adopted, and one of them (bongsik) was a street cat he saved and brought home.
  • haechan is a huge michael jackson fan.
  • haechan 's favourite girl group is destiny's child
  • when doyoung was in middle school, his foot got trampled over by a car while he was out to get ice cream (his favourite treat). he made it all the way to the emergency room still holding on to the precious creamy delight, which had by then completely melted....
feb 18 2018 ∞
feb 8 2019 +

[*] = highly recommend!

✧ shows and series ✧

  • currently watching: killing eve, brooklyn nine-nine, broad city, repertoire
  • recently completed: fleabag*** (watch this show!!!!) , game of thrones, barry*, derry girls, pen15*, russian doll*

✧ films ✧

  • recently watched: x-men: dark phoenix, godzilla: king of the monsters, aladdin, game of thrones: the last watch, john wick 3*
  • current watchlist: if beale street could talk, minding the gap, dogtooth, the witch, rosemary's baby, a ghost story

✧ music ✧

  • recent downloads : hypersonic missiles (sam fender), we are superhuman (nct 127), not waving, but drowning (loyle carner), father of the bride (vampire weekend)
  • current faves in listening rotation:
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jun 12 2019 +
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  • ˹kim dong-young˼ ▪ 김동영
  • 960201 // aquarius
  • main vocal
  • nct u ▪ nct 127


  • 좋다 (10/10, favourite predebut performance of all time, you can't really see much of him, and you can tell he's a little untrained, but his voice sounds so full, free and happy and i just want to cry a lot)
  • poker face (rly shitty audio but this is a CLASSIC, this was his own rendition of poker face that he directed for his hs choir;; baby gets a lil emotional when everyone starts singing ofc I'M emo)
  • bad romance (not gaga) (he's a lil rusty but i love the tone of his voice ALSO who doesn't love awkward high school rock band front man kim dongyoung?!?)
may 15 2017 ∞
apr 5 2019 +

[♡] = faves!


  • knowing me, knowing you ♡ (25k)
    • post-apocalyptic superhero au
    • rating: M (features smut)
    • note: shout out to sy for writing what turned out to be the dotae superhero au of my dreams
  • tumble dry (4k)
    • fluffy laundromat au
  • this is enough ♡ (1k)
    • canonverse
    • rating: E (features smut)
  • now or never (11k)
    • uni au; the good ol' love/hate relationship dynamic
    • rating: T
sep 11 2017 ∞
jun 12 2019 +

[♡] = personal favourites!


      彡 ⇨ 160903 incheon sky festival

      彡 ⇨ 160910 starfield mini kpop concert

      彡 ⇨ 160924 kbs open concert

may 21 2017 ∞
jan 22 2019 +