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cheio' side listography for fanfic rec.
fics i am currently reading or i am planning to read are under ongoing. private for writting ideas (you can ask if interested)

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  • stonathan
    • a study in attraction: nc-17 •• steve and jonathan have been studying together for a while and nancy knows what's going on.
    • it's not exact but that's love: nc-17 •• "you make me want to enjoy my life again." —this is my fav stonathan fanfic HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you like st, they portrait their personalities so well i'm speechless—
    • loneliness: nc-17 •• jonathan gets a visitor late at night.
  • jonathan/will
  • misc
    • small town boy, going everywhere: nc-17 •• will is experiencing some growing pains as a gay boy in a small town in the 80s. can't somebody just love him already? all parts can be read individually but are loosely connected for a story.
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