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cheio' side listography for fanfic rec.
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i have no idea where to put this list lol so guess i'm doing it here...

  • my ao3 account
    • 2yu
      • a lover of rain: yuta nakamoto: 28 years. works in a kindergarten and lives a normal life except for a thing that keeps following him: he dreams a bit too much. yuto adachi : 25 years. psychologist that just ended the career, he's calm and a lover of sake. will tell you what your zodiac says about you.
    • markyong
      • (사랑에 취했어): nc-17 •• mark and taeyong drinking together and getting nasty.
      • whip me more: nc-17 •• a nineteen years old boy taking one of his friends to a luxury hotel? just to have a chill night date with him and maybe go to the pool? seems unrealistic.
dec 19 2017 ∞
jul 2 2018 +
  • jaeco
    • all i have is you: nc-17 •• part 1 - part 2
    • cherry lips: jaeco are underground artists (it has gtop tho).
    • damp comforters: nc-17 •• this is good porn and it also has slutty jiho.
    • foreign: nc-17 •• in which jiho is stupid and jaehyo is pretty... as per usual.
    • gift: this is short but funny.
    • ignite: nc-17 •• jaehyo and zico tried to make cookies and burned the kitchen because jiho is a bitch (and i love that).
    • lay with me: nc-17 •• mine. the thought kept repeating in his head, over and over.
    • malinterpretación: jaehyo decides he wants to go to the uni and leaves jiho in their hometown, they meet 7 years after that.
    • miss right - GIRLS REMIX: how to not get a date with a hot girl: a guide, by woo jiho. yeah, she could write the manual.
dec 2 2015 ∞
dec 21 2017 +
  • dowoo
  • hyuckhei
    • angels who damn themselves: in which yukhei is an angel and donghyuck is a demon.
    • you push and you push and i'm pulling aw...: yukhei and donghyuck went through so much together that everyone around them thinks they will get engaged after college and end up married in a couple of years. it’s only natural for people to assume they are together, after all, they live together and seem to be very much in love. that’s why literally no one except yukhei and donghyuck know about their break up. because it would tear both of their lives apart, and none of them want that.
dec 17 2017 ∞
apr 23 2019 +
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apr 15 2018 +
  • jaeson
    • come a little closer: nc-17 •• kinda bdsm, jaebum spanks jackson for being a bad boy.
    • first time for everything: nc-17 •• jackson and jaebum are porn stars.
    • hot damn, huh?: nc-17 •• ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding i assumed you didn’t speak english and i’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’
    • i'll bet: nc-17 •• jaebum and jackson just spent all day moving into their new apartment and want to spend all night breaking in their new bed.
    • i'm addicted, but i can't stand the pain...: jackson knew from the very beginning that the thing he had with jaebum was just temporary bliss (inspired by the song "te...
dec 2 2015 ∞
dec 17 2017 +
  • kai/taemin
  • sebaek
    • shake hands with the devil: nc-17 •• baekhyun has to pay the house in which he is living with his brother taehyung, he will become sehun's slave to be able to pay it.
dec 2 2015 ∞
feb 25 2018 +
  • vmin
    • for you i will: taehyung has a crush on his best friend and decides to make a wish.
    • indecent exposure (or lack therof): nc-17 •• "all traces of logical reasoning fly out the window as soon as taehyung swings open the door and steps out of the dressing room cubicle."
    • let's get going: nc-17 •• kim taehyung could've lived his whole life without knowing that jimin owns a dildo.
    • macchiato mondays: jimin smiles at him, the one that makes him think that there’s really a devil behind that baby face, and taehyung thinks he may really need an inhaler.
    • more: nc-17 •• jimin's chest hits the freshly closed door with a dull thud and one of the hands gripping his shirt moves up to fist into his bangs and tug his head back roughly, drawing a low groan out of him. [...]
dec 10 2015 ∞
feb 5 2018 +
  • stonathan
    • a study in attraction: nc-17 •• steve and jonathan have been studying together for a while and nancy knows what's going on.
    • it's not exact but that's love: nc-17 •• "you make me want to enjoy my life again." —this is my fav stonathan fanfic HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you like st, they portrait their personalities so well i'm speechless—
    • loneliness: nc-17 •• jonathan gets a visitor late at night.
  • jonathan/will
  • misc
    • small town boy, going everywhere: nc-17 •• will is experiencing some growing pains as a gay boy in a small town in the 80s. can't somebody just love him already? all parts can be read individually bu...
dec 17 2017 ∞
apr 23 2019 +
  • b.a.p
  • big bang
    • topri/doble seunghyun
      • turn my camera on: nc-17 •• seungri makes a video message for his seunghyun-hyung.
  • jbj
    • kenta/hyunbin
      • red bean paste: hyunbin is just trying to eat his lunch when the new landlord's son decides that he needs to do inspections. he swears its just red bean paste on his rice.
dec 18 2015 ∞
feb 25 2018 +
  • 2ji
    • here we are (all alone in this room): nc-17 •• jisoo has never seen anything as beautiful as lee jihoon between his legs.
    • into you: nc-17 •• joshua is so into jihoon, he can barely breathe.
    • play me like your favorite game: nc-17 •• maybe he's spoilt, maybe jihoon's been too good to him all these years for jisoo to just await attention. but, then again, no - after stated certain number of years, surely jihoon's got the gist of what jisoo likes, so the latter deems himself in the right here.
  • hansoon
    • for the night: hansol noticed his soonyoung hyung busy watching a movie, though it's getting late at night.
  • wonhao
nov 16 2016 ∞
apr 9 2018 +
  • overwatch
    • a matter of need: nc-17 •• hanzo wishes he’d never seen genji that night, sloppy drunk and licentious, leading some pretty boy back to his room with a grin that makes his heart beat faster just thinking about it. If he hadn’t, then maybe he wouldn’t have ended up here --a slave to his basest desires-- maybe he could have maintained his facade of being the perfect son, and buried his wants so deep within they no longer called to him, but he saw, and now it's a matter of need.
jul 2 2018 ∞
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