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cheio' side listography for fanfic rec.
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  • dowoo
  • hyuckhei
    • angels who damn themselves: in which yukhei is an angel and donghyuck is a demon.
    • you push and you push and i'm pulling away (say you want me back): yukhei and donghyuck went through so much together that everyone around them thinks they will get engaged after college and end up married in a couple of years. it’s only natural for people to assume they are together, after all, they live together and seem to be very much in love. that’s why literally no one except yukhei and donghyuck know about their break up. because it would tear both of their lives apart, and none of them want that.
  • jaeten
  • johnten
    • baby, are you gonna stay the night?: nc-17 •• admittedly, ten completely knew what he was doing when he asked johnny to stay home with him and watch horror movies for halloween, and a part of ten figured johnny knew that too when he smiled and said he’d rather stay with ten than go out any day.
    • knock me off my feet all week: nc-17 •• honestly, his members must be dumb if this activity has been tucked under the radar, but johnny still finds himself counting his blessings that it had.
    • lazy nights: nc-17 •• in which johnny eats ten's ass, and ten may or may not be in love.
    • red muse: nc-17 •• red cheeks, red lips, red heart and red heat. to Johnny, ten's just red.
    • ripped jeans: nc-17 •• the rips in johnny's jeans are symbolistic to how undone he can make ten be.
  • markyong
    • boss: nc-17 •• mob au i absolutely love because niv writes so damn good.
    • lost gadgets and death wishes: taeyong gives his handler multiple heart attacks each time he goes on a mission. he’s not quite sure why.
    • off script: taeyong works on being the leader, and in the process, gets to know mark a little more.
    • sleepy baby: sleepy taeyong and hungry mark, who tries to get him out of bed. they end up cuddling and sleeping even though they had planned to go eat outside.
    • tell me honestly (how you feel): nc-17 •• mark wants to tell taeyong how he feels, but taeyong just doesn't seem to get it.
    • the case of the employee discount: mark is too much of a giving person and taeyong is way too stubborn.
    • the stars, they pale: to keep him safe—to keep him, taeyong would lay waste the galaxies, break every oath he has undertaken.
    • the world is ours (come closer to me): nc-17 •• it’s an understatement to say that they should hate each other. it's certainly what everyone else expects. in a line of business such as their own, the competitiveness is a constant and a must; the fact that they're known for being successful at such young ages doesn't help the rivalry they supposedly should have, either. unexpectedly, however, their young ages don’t fuel their rivalry; instead, it's what brought them together, made them look each other's way. made them fall in love.
  • misc
    • little: nc-17 •• sph kink with taeyong!! i am still- i love this
    • no harm, no foul: nc-17 •• in which lucas is mark's sub but he tells everyone is the other way. crossdressing kink?
    • the virgin's sob story: nc-17 •• meet mark lee: wildly popular virgin erotica novelist with a horrible case of writer’s block, freshly dumped by his now ex-boyfriend kang daniel, superstar hockey player, and the nation’s sweetheart.
    • week's worth: nc-17 •• jaehyun thinks he's in charge right up until the point that mark takes his pants off. then he sees mark's dick and everything goes to shit.
    • your fingertips pull me: nc-17 •• jungwoo is mark's mommy.
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