hello, you can call me nomi!! born oct '91. asexual. my native languages are indonesian and english, but i also know japanese reasonably okay. i recently moved to tokyo for studies and i complain a lot about the yamanote line.

i write, draw and translate stuff in my spare time. or not-so-spare time because you can pay me to translate for you: commissions info post.

i love exo, my bias is kai but i like everyone (i still mostly talk about kai though). i do ship, read, write and draw rps. i write up to nc17 but my drawings are all g. i multiship. my exo-related ships are 99.9% bl. i do not insist or think that these ships must be real or that they must be gay, but i also can't stand 'oppa must be straight!!' mentality. lastly, i do not appreciate mindless bashing of any current or former members of exo esp. if it's based on conspiracy theories, though of course criticism of their actions and words are normal. i also do not appreciate bashing of krystal, taeyeon or any other ladies the members are/were in a relationship or basing of the members based on their relationship status.

i've also been stuck in ensemble stars hell. i'm a shameless knightsP but i also love akatsuki and mika. i also have a love-hate relationship with tenshouin eichi and fine. my main ships are reiritsu and izuleo, but i like 99.99% of all knights related ships no matter how 'weird' they are. i also like ot3+. knights aside, i really like a good number of eichi + keito ships and adosou, but i'm open to any and all ships and have a tendency to collect rare pair doujinshi. i don't rank, and only play for points reward (for... now...? maybe...? i hope not...???).

other fandoms and biases love live from μ's, rin. // tokimeki restaurant xip, esp. tooru (on hiatus from the game presently!) // idolish 7 tenn // fate series nero, andersen, mordred, rin

i play other mobile games, and you can find a list of them + my ids below. feel free to add me! i also listen to other k-pop groups (99.9% girlbands), but i do not follow any other group.

my main non-fandom interests is history, books and writing.

i also own asian ball-jointed dolls. i don't post photos of them often, and whenever i do, i warn for them and tag them as #bjd. please blacklist this tag this if you're scared of dolls, or tell me if you're using this tag for something else and need me to use a different tag.

if you follow me and want me to follow back, please say hi and i will!!

where to find me

currently playing mobile games

  • battle girl high school
    • friend id 9VGP4BDP / main: kaede (christmas / lvl 60) / open!
  • fate/grand order
    • friend id 144687302 / open!
  • love live school idol festival (jp)
    • friend id 354802173 / main: ur rin (smile) / full!
  • superstar smtown
    • as 'nomi' / avatar: kai, top group: exo-k
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