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♡ fic recs, not for the weak-hearted vanillafucker ^_^b ♡

note: i'm not removing betraydol fic bc good fic is good fic... even if they're betraydols

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  • the boy who only lived twice ; nc-17
    • Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It's all right here, folks.
  • the ties that bind us ; nc-17 ; eighth year
    • An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.
  • all our secrets laid bare ; nc-17
    • Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
  • coffee, cakes and doorknob snakes ; nc-17
    • Harry's house is trying to kill him, and ...
oct 23 2014 ∞
dec 20 2014 +
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  • only as directed ; nc-17 ; honeypot mission
    • “Arthur is a bad man,” Roxy had said. “Fucking tell me about it,” Eggsy had muttered, and gone to put on the tarty trousers Harry had picked out for him like a fucking high-end pimp.
  • found it alright for kicks ; nc-17 ; rps
    • It’s something he never intended to bring up, except the next time he sees Colin he says, almost entirely autonomous of brain function: “It’s not a proper Colin Firth movie without a sex scene, is it?”
  • squeeze ; nc-17
    • From the start, Harry’s read Eggsy all over, seen right through him, so Eggsy’s not surprised that he’s barely had time to think about how he wants to feel ru...
jun 27 2015 ∞
jun 27 2015 +
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  • i've got nothing to do today but smile ;
    • Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
  • simple math ; nc-17 ; fake boyfriend AU
    • "So," Eames says slowly, leaning back against the school wall as he idly taps his cigarette. "We've got a problem here."
oct 24 2014 ∞
oct 24 2014 +
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  • the scenic route ;
    • The boys embark on a six day road trip to California before separating for college. Cartman is a pain in the ass, Kenny has no future, Butters is in crisis, and Kyle doesn't know how he'll say goodbye to Stan.
  • dirt wizard ; nc-17
    • “Like other guys in our grade haven’t.” Kyle looked like he was going to either shatter into a million pieces or kill him, because it was a fine line, and he just said, "Only once."


  • empty spaces ; nc-17
    • Tweek shatters Craig's expectations by ju...
oct 25 2014 ∞
feb 5 2016 +
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kuroko no basuke

  • you really ought to know ; midotaka ; time travel
    • The Fates have an important message for Takao Kazunari.
  • that for which you do not yearn ; midotaka ; nc-17 ; prostitution
    • The first rule of the oldest profession is not to get attached to the clients. Takao probably should have paid attention to it.

professor layton

  • ♥ of pocketwatches and duct-tape ; nc-17 ; layton/legal!luke ; character death
    • Layton is dead; Luke refuses to accept it, and takes desperate measures to prevent it.
oct 23 2014 ∞
jul 8 2015 +
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  • right wrist, left ankle, heart ; markbum ; band AU
    • A month before GOTSTAR's first tour, Mark has to step down as the band's drummer. Turns out that this is the least of Jaebum's problems.
  • peripheral ; yugbam ; r ; corporate AU
    • the last thing that kunpimook, or bambam, as jackson calls him, anyway, needs in his life right now is someone just as clever, if not smarter, than him. but then again fear's a reassuringly double edged blade, and curiosity can kill you just as easily as it can make you fall in love.
  • freefall ; ot7 ; spy AU
    • this isn't the biggest assignment that jyp's newest espionage unit, dubbed got7 (you can blame jackson for that- you can always blame jackson, actually), has had on...
aug 5 2016 ∞
aug 5 2016 +
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  • arbitrage ; nc-17 ; mindfuck
    • Street race AU.
  • turns on a dime ; r ; +sehun/kai, supernatural, angst
    • This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.
  • ♥ (so we meet again and other cliched phra... ; r
    • This is not a romance, by definition. This is Kim Jongin, both too famous and too dense to write his own memoir. This is Kim Jongin, stumbling awkwardly back into love.
  • the escapement error ; +kaiyeol ; nc-17 ; mental illness, age gap, character death
    • Kyungsoo lives systematically, obsessed with details and counting seconds, while Jongin, much to Kyungsoo's dismay, couldn't care less if he missed his train.
oct 23 2014 ∞
sep 15 2015 +
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oct 23 2014 ∞
sep 15 2015 +
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  • we're all just taller children ; heist AU
    • When Joonmyun decides to add Oh Sehun as the sixth member of their crew, Jongin seems to be the only one that has a problem with it.



  • (after a while) you learn ; angst, age gap
    • there are very few things harder for joonmyun than being honest with himself.


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aug 5 2016 +
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dec 19 2014 ∞
mar 31 2015 +
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  • excavations ; r ; single parent AU
    • Minseok gets assigned to homeroom duties after a coworker goes on maternity leave and is forced to spend time with the troublemaker of class 1-D Yiyi and her father Lu Han.
  • a dance of falling stars ; r ; +suho/chen, spy AU
    • There's a fine line between a plan that looks treacherously stupid, and one that is treacherously stupid. Minseok's about to find himself on the wrong side of it.
  • young and beautiful ; r ; character death
    • From fairytale to reality in a blink of an eye, Lu Han's story ends on a rainy night, with his bare feet on a sidewalk.
  • turn hours into seasons ; time travel, character death
    • The world’s dimensions start to visibly...
nov 9 2014 ∞
sep 15 2015 +
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  • you're an anomaly (but i like you best) ;
    • so men don't paint nails. that doesn't mean they can't.
  • untitled ; nc-17 ; cheating, angst
    • Lu Han is about to get married and Kris is his best man.
  • cathedral city ; nc-17 ; canon
    • popstars on the run, more news at 11!
  • substitution ; nc-17 ; cheating
    • it gets lonely in china without their boyfriends.
  • a royal pain ; nc-17 ; pwp, prince AU, crossdressing
    • lu han is the new stepson of the king, which sounds great, except for the fact that he has to deal with his new stepbrother, the crown prince wu fan.
nov 4 2014 ∞
sep 15 2015 +
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  • sexy, free & single ; genderswap, high school AU
    • '92 line looking for love, or: Kyungsoo teaches them how to make their own chocolate.
  • whatever will be, will be ; grim reaper AU
    • Baekhyun dies and is introduced to the glamorous world of reaping souls. He's got roommates. They like to laugh at him.
oct 23 2014 ∞
mar 31 2015 +