• Mythologist that travels around the world to see creatures and hear stories from people
  • Children's book writer or illustrator
  • The person that is in charge of restoring works of art
  • Voice actress
  • Librarian
  • Art model
  • Professional in the art of braiding hair
  • Animal psychologist
  • Tarot reader
  • Museum guide
  • Actress at the Shakespeare Globe
  • Designer of clothes for little girls (and big girls that want to be little girls forever)
  • Tour guide at Versailles
  • Sculptor that works with Classical style
  • Ballerina
  • Costume designer for films
  • Character at Disney (or hopefully, in the Wizarding World)
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sep 15 2011 +
user picture carina maree: Perfect perfect, all of this is. sep 15 2011
user picture Josephine: You are too kind! I think the prospect of never growing up has made me more creative and open-minded on this account, than people that do plan to be the best grown-ups but have a very hopeless idea about careers. Money isn't all. Thank you xxxxxx
user picture Minna: I love love love this list oct 15 2011
user picture Josephine: I don't find it quite so special, but I'm grateful that you do. xx