[01] the pretty words you left behind become a poem, become a song. our voices are flying, we know it'll reach you wherever you are. if a star vanishes will everything be forgotten? i'm holding the precious you in my arms, i want to fill the pages of this story that isn't over yet until the very end. may 25, 2008 boys shining brightly like green waves of spring, that time will spread and flow forever.

[02] the sunlight shined on us brightly, a single tear was high above in the sky. my friends comfort me, i don't think i'm sad. as much as i loved you deeply i have no choice but to continue to love you. after a long dawn as if i've been painting you all night, the shining stars hold out their hands toward you. you've always filled up my days so naturally, my days have resembled you. some day i'll gather my heart for you and tell you everything. everything your hands touched the bright shine of the sun is now the gleam of sunset, when darkness comes i'll find the you who has become a star. i'm gonna be your light so don't hurt anymore, i will live for you, for us. i will write the pages you couldn't finish, fill in all the empty paintings, rewind the extinguishing candlelight in my memory remind. us the black and white on the light of my eternity. remaining becoming my light, you're always together with me just like a shadow. how can i forget your impossible existence? i just don't like the dimming of the scene inside my memory. you are still next to me, stay by my side for the rest of my life, without a sound and lastly goodbye, my life that's for you. i know that one side of my heart is turning its back, on tomorrow and wishes to run however what's left of the meaning of life for me, i will make it so that you can find the you that you didn't know too. you are the red line to me, the darkening sunlight. i seek for you inside the casted shadow, the shining life.
[03] i wish words could be enough to express my love for you. i just love you like you're the air i breathe, i love you as you've become an extra necessary organ in my body. all my happiness belongs to those five boys i love. you guys taught me what true love is and now i know that no matter what the future holds it's this love that makes me even stronger. i won't ever forget the beautiful memories you've made through all this time. i swear on the stars that fall from your eyes, i'll be with you forever.

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