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This pertains to the *big* "comment here with your username" kind of memes. For the surveys and crap, do whatever you want. *shrug*

  • If there is anon, there will be wank. Period.
  • You should probably not attempt making a meme unless you have more than 60 friends that are ACTIVE on LiveJournal, or have good friends (that would plug your meme) that fulfill that criteria.
  • Under no circumstances should comments be screened. ಠ_ಠ
  • If you can't sum it up in 10 words or less, most people won't understand it. Remember that most people on the internet have an IQ of 70, srsly. ):
  • If you are reproducing a meme that has already been done (ie: yearbook meme, holiday love meme, etc) you should try to link to the original or at least mention the original creator.
  • Similar memes should not be posted less than 2 months or so apart. Too many love or hate memes tend to annoy people.
  • ALWAYS disable customized comment pages. Wtf, people don't want to wait for your comment form page to load. >[
  • Try and really THINK LOGICALLY about the meme before you do it. If you're making a "FANDOM HAET" meme or an awards with categories like "MOST IDIOTIC" or "SUPRRRR EMO" then there will be lots and lots of wank.
  • It's a proven fact that people like positive memes or neutral ones (ie: first impression meme, association meme) better than negative ones.
  • If there is anon, there will be wank. Period.
  • BONUS RULES FOR FRIENDING MEMES⇒⇒ Super-specific friending memes (such as "FRIENDING MEME FOR THOSE WHO LIKE BASSIST OF SUGARCULT") are much less successful than stupid, broad ones (such as "LOL WE R BORED FRIENDING MEME") because the pool of possible participants is larger in the latter.
  • People like friending memes with pretty formatting. If you just have bolded stuff for your name, etc. fields, people are less likely to think favorably of it.
  • It's really lame when your comment is the first one on your own friending meme. Don't do it or I will laugh at you sekritly.
  • Friending memes will PHAIL unless you plug them in an appropriate large community (ie: the KHR comm for a KHR friending meme) or have an insanely active/large friendslist. That's just life.
  • If there's more than 3 friending memes in a week, each subsequent one after the third will have less and less comments, so just don't make friending meme if you've seen a few already.
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