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  • Saa, Monogatari wo Hajimeyou. (桜井汐里, 奇跡屋S)
  • Chikakute Tooii Hito (ヨネ, Eterno)
  • Kishi (佐久間みお, ensoi)
  • synchronicity #1 (久米夏生, NATTSU)
  • Breathe (青空葵, B.S CO;)
  • Daiikkyuu Renaizai (夏木佐市, LOVE + LOVE)
  • Complex 18 (にん, きんぎん)
  • Rocketman (サトイアヤト/サブロー, サイケ狂/527)
  • Sonnamono de Sekai wa Dekiteru. (デスサーフ2001, ことり帝国)
  • Under (いずみ, nezchop)
  • Sairoku Byou (金色スイス, 砂糖水)
  • HYPER TENNIS SAMPLING MACHINE (デスサーフ2001/星林金柑, ことり帝国)
  • Kitaishinai de Matteteyo. (氷堂涼二, EDEN THE DOORS)
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More like ... stuff I do when I feel depressed.

  • Listen: Chinen Hiroshi ★ Don't Stop
  • Listen: Sengoku Kiyosumi ★ Everyday
  • Listen: NEWS ★ weeeek
  • Talk to friends.
  • Sleep until I forget what made me sad.
  • Cry. I try not to do this unless I feel really upset.
  • Eat. I binge eat. DX It's pretty bad.
  • Write. Vent. Type up an entry on LiveJournal.
  • Find my sabre and hit a pillow with it.
  • Scream, sing my heart out, play the piano.
  • Read manga, books.
  • Watch particular anime episodes.
  • Slam doors.
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This pertains to the *big* "comment here with your username" kind of memes. For the surveys and crap, do whatever you want. *shrug*

  • If there is anon, there will be wank. Period.
  • You should probably not attempt making a meme unless you have more than 60 friends that are ACTIVE on LiveJournal, or have good friends (that would plug your meme) that fulfill that criteria.
  • Under no circumstances should comments be screened. ಠ_ಠ
  • If you can't sum it up in 10 words or less, most people won't understand it. Remember that most people on the internet have an IQ of 70, srsly. ):
  • If you are reproducing a meme that has already been done (ie: yearbook meme, holiday love meme, etc) you should try to link to the original or at least mention the ...
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  • Honesty, yet tact at the same time.
  • Kindness. Towards everyone, not just those you can benefit from.
  • Loyalty. Not just to other people, but to things that you believe in.
  • The ability to know what I'm going to say before I say it.
  • A likability that transcends fandom.
  • Understanding, no matter what.
  • Fairness, a strong sense of justice.
  • Optimism.
  • An open mind.
  • Compassion. Not the same thing as kindness.
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  • Sushi, particularly those with eel in them.
  • Fried rice, with shrimp and pork.
  • Bánh cuốn, the ones with meat and not just the orange shrimp stuff.
  • Noodles. HAVE TO HAVE EGG IN THEM. >_>
  • Bánh xèo.
  • Pad thai.
  • Salad, preferably with honey mustard and some meat.
  • Bánh bèo.
  • Cá Kho Tô, eaten with brown rice.
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