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A place where I list my immediate plans for the year! Consider these lists as "options" that I'm choosing from when I'm free. Things might be changed depending on what I'm feeling motivated to work on.

Samantha follows:
masao games (current + wishlist)
television (Anime rewatch)
Sarah movies (watched in 2020)
Lethe videogames (Current Releases to Consider)
megan websites (to do)
  • Astralwing (fl collective)
  • Home is Where the Heart is (Stitch fl)
  • Honor (Sagara Sanosuke fl)
  • Hydrangea (Tohsaka Rin fl)
  • Illuminate (Yagami Hikari fl)
  • Maelstrom (Lugia fl)
  • Nevermore (crows fl)
  • New Sun (Yagami Taichi fl)
  • Paint it Black (Shinjiro site/fl)
  • Resonance (Akihiko/Mitsuru site/fl)
  • Romantic Comedy (Ootani/Risa fl)
nov 24 2015 ∞
aug 26 2017 +