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  • Go to Yosemite
  • Hike the Grand Canyon
  • Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
nov 30 2014 ∞
nov 30 2014 +

- Shatter Me (Kagura from InuYasha) + This shrine was registered in a challenge through amassment, must be done by August.

- Put up my Kyouko Sakura FL and tribute

- Start to gather information and hopefully finish Kyou from Fruits Basket

- Tribute to Maleficent from the movie and have some comparisons to the animation (rematch the animation of sleeping beauty!)

nov 30 2014 ∞
jun 14 2015 +
  • Against all Odds (Sango from InuYasha) - revamp old information and upload everything
  • To The Moon (Miroku and Sango from InuYasha) - finish the information and media sections
  • Rename Rapidsh (from Pokemon) fl and create into a tribute
  • Lost Aria (Presea from Tales of Symphonia) - everything needs to be done
  • Rising Falcon (Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia) - fish the remaining pages that are not done, create the media section, upload gallery
  • Strike like Lightning (Yuan from Tales of Symphonia) - all needs to be completed
nov 30 2014 ∞
jun 9 2015 +