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A place where I list my immediate plans for the year! Consider these lists as "options" that I'm choosing from when I'm free. Things might be changed depending on what I'm feeling motivated to work on.

masao to do (art ideas)
Sarah websites (2021 Goals)
movies (watched in 2021)
products (Pop! Vinyl)
Todd websites (Website Ideas)


  • cut down & re-organize

  • re-organize site listings/priorities

Heaven's a Lie

  • add SOTM award
  • add Ripples as an affiliate

Paint it Black

  • add movie 2 & 3 screen shots
  • update merchandise page


  • add movie 2, 3 & 4 screen shots

Rise Again

  • add SOTM award

  • Add more codes to the fanlisting
  • add an intro to the series section
  • add link to Homura/Madoka fanlisting

Win with Favorites network

  • add Sun/Moon information to relevant sites


  • add SOTM award
  • finish numerology page
apr 16 2016 ∞
aug 26 2017 +