• Slaughterhouse Five
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Cat's Cradle
  • The Enchantress of Florence
  • The Satanic Verses
  • Shalimar the Clown
  • Midnight's Children
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Emma
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Persuasion
  • Frankenstein
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Dracula
  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  • Great Expectations
  • The Tale of Two Cities
  • Catch 22
  • The Book Thief
  • Anna Karenina
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Jane Eyre
  • Wuthering Heights
  • The Age of Innocence
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Atonement
  • Of Mice and Men
  • The Two Towers
  • Return of the King
  • Bowstring: On the Dissimilarity of the Similar
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user picture ellierebecca: i really want to read midnight's children too! andd if i were you i would just cross off persuasion now... cause it was horrid. and i actually like austen books. =/ dec 24 2009
user picture Erin: if you ever want to borrow a Salman Rushdie book, I have a million of them :). I haven't read any Austen yet and it's really sad... I think I'll read Emma first and then Pride and Prejudice.
user picture ellierebecca: emma is really long, but i think that's a good plan of action. i feel like those two are going to end up being my favorite. and thanks! i have midnight's children and haroun and the sea of stories, but that's it. what others have you read by him?