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Just a few quotes from one Mr. Gareth Williams. Why I am in love with Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

  • "Venus is over there doing her hot little thing."
  • "You go out and buy a Hershey's bar and a box of Godiva chocolates. Which do you eat quicker? The Hershey's bar of course, because it is not as good. Horace is the Godiva chocolate."
  • "We are reading a Ferrari over here!"
  • "Latin is a BANG! BANG! exercise!".
  • "What is the opposite of freeze?"
  • "The first thing we know about Vulcan is: Cuckold".
  • "Is this writing crunchy enough for you?"
  • "I want you to be opinionated, even though you are wrong"
  • "You WILL drink cheap wine from plastic cups"
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  • Fall Out Boy
      • A Little Less Sixteen Candles a Little More Touch Me will always be my favorite song
      • I'm one of those cool people who actually likes their new albums, so boo the whores who think they stopped being cool after Under the Cork Tree.
  • Jamie Cullum
      • Prefer The Pursuit to Catching Tales, but technically I like them all
      • Still waiting on Twenty-Something
      • It sucks that I Love This is so unknown, cause I love it!
  • Adam Lambert (Glambert <3- enough said)
  • Glee music- Yes I am a fucking nerd, get over it.
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So far this will just be a constant record of things I need to get done. Cause you guys know how bad I am with actually sticking to doing things...

  • Get dentist appointment
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Wow, instead of writing my lab report, like I should be doing, I decided to write a poem instead. Probs not my best decision, but it really needed to come out. Tell me how it is?

Its been a year and a half since the last time I heard your voice;

I don’t think its supposed to fade away this fast.

Only little bits of it are left, some good, most bad.

The best memories I have are of your voice,

Your voice when you used to sing to me.

Sure, maybe it wasn’t the prettiest voice ever,

After all, my “problems with tonality” all came from you.

But you always sang so carefully, so concentrated,

As if everyone could hear as we flew past in our car,

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  • Jamie Cullum's Twenty-Something
  • Jack's Mannequin's Everything In Transit
  • Augustana- anything besides Can't Love, Can't Hurt
  • All Time Low- anything
  • Something Corporate- Leaving Through The Window
  • Boys Like Girls- anything
  • Muse- anything (THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT!)
  • Maroon 5- Songs About Jane, Hands All Over
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All my obsessions in one place =)

  • House M.D.
      • ummmm...Chase, duh! Oh, and House and Kutner.
  • Castle
      • Castle and Beckett (<3 them together)
  • Doctor Who
      • 10th Doctor(sniffle), Martha, Donna, Wilf
  • Merlin
      • Merlin, Arthur, Morgana
  • Glee
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I am apparently very poetic lately. I hate this one, just because I will always be uncomfortable with the topic.

How do you tell someone that you love in here

, That you are fundamentally NOT interested in going There?

Sweetheart, it’s not your gender thats the problem – It’s that you chose to want me.

Me. Me?

For the sake of a God–I–don’t–even–believe–in, why? I’m not talking Want just physically, corporeally, but mentally, emotionally.

It makes me think that your travel plans after this Should be straight to the psychiatrist.

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That's right, its the fictional character shag list!

  • 1.Hermione Granger

Smart, talented, kinda arrogant, and I totally understand her hair problem.

  • 2. Martha Jones/Amy Pond

The two sexiest female companions ever on Doctor Who. Hands down.

  • 3. Draco/Lucius Malfoy

What can I say. They are THE blondes. Lucius' hair is glorious.

  • 4. Spike

Yeah, blonde, sexy, and a vampire? Its a trend. I'd sleep with Buffy too, but that would result in way too many psychological issues to be worth it. Plus we know he has a sensitive side, even without the stupid soul- aka his brotherly love for Da...

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