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  • white flowing dresses (in lieu of uniforms), dark castle school
  • "Serpents and adders were in my heart as the word “Never!” half formed itself on my lips. False girl!–false and cruel! Never more would she smile on me..." - mary shelley, the mortal immortal
  • toxic, all-consuming friendships, boundless and blind loyalty, wlw
  • characters: lazarus, lamb, maiden, delphi, sphinx, vesper, eidolon/wraith, kintsugi. well-belov'd
  • coterie of bored schoolgirls who end up murdering several members of their circle and a teacher in pursuit of power and keeping secrets ... and once out of love
  • flowers, stolen champagne, bacchanals, moonlight, dusty libraries, spiraling staircases, poison, resurrection, flower language, hair shorn in revenge/as punishment, blood sacrifices, ruins, dripping wax candles
  • insp: picnic at hanging rock, haggy hall, dark academia, godheads
  • possibly a religious order for nun-assassins? (Bloodsisters; gain red dresses as part of a graduation/initiation into the sect as full-fledged nuns) OR magic school wherein the gang are necromancers or dark magick practioners?
  • tarot card like bios for each girl
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