• There is nothing that Lucie remembers of life before Aunt Morna's house beyond feeling of fear and searing physical pain. She cannot draw to mind the faces of her parents, only the disgust in Eleanora Blacknall's voice when she spoke of her "devil-sighted" offspring, Lucie and her twin Luna. A turning point of searing pain as their mother drove a hot blade into the soft flesh of Lucie's back, carving a cross along her spine to drive the demons out at a tender age.
  • Protection from the adults of the the world that were untrustworthy only came from what Lucie and Luna could gain from one another. Where Luna became a shield, Lucie was the sword, darting out from behind to stab and gain purchase before hiding again.
  • Despite the need to protect one another, the need for survival at any rate became ...
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  • Luna's hair (in locket, a la mourning locket)
  • burner phone of the month
  • wad of misc. bank notes
  • stainless steel lighter (engraved "happy 50th, dad")
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