→ xiuhani

the act of rolling milk (xiumin/hani, pg-13, romance)

→ kaisoo

keyboard smash my love (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/borderline crack/humour)

Stay the Night (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

insert an epigram for awkwardness here (kaisoo, pg-13, humour/romance/crack)

how about a cup of coffee and a side of you? (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

Night Dancer (kaisoo, pg-13, romance)

Anterograde Tomorrow (kaisoo, r, romance/tragedy/angst, fandom classic!)

Green Apples (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

like a disney movie (kaisoo, pg-13, fluff/romance)

Hands Off (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

first impressions (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour/slight!drama

the area of our hearts (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour/crack)

comes and goes (kaisoo, pg-13, surfer!au, romance/drama/slight!humour)

Overcooked (slight!kaisoo, pg-13, humour/crack-ish)

worthless words you waste on me (kaisoo, pg, romance/slight!fluff)

→ hunhan

project hunhan (hunhan, kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

Are You Ready Now (luhan-centric, hunhan, pg-13, swimming!au)

Less Than Three, Promise Me (hunhan, pg-13, romance)

And At Last, I See the Light (hunhan, pg-13, romance, [less than three continuiation])

Crossword Puzzles (hunhan, pg-13, romance/humour)

No More Cologne On You (hunhan, pg-13, romance/humour)

Two Moons (hunhan, pg-13, romance/fantasy)

135 Seoul (hunhan, pg-13, romance/angst)

→ baekyeol

i'd take you over a million subscribers (baekyeol, pg, fluff/homour)

Nonsense (baekyeol, pg, romance/humour)

I Have Died Every Day Waiting For You (baekyeol, pg-13, romance)

Eden's Morning (baekyeol, pg-13, internet history!AU)

Jumper (baekyeol, pg-13, romance/sci-fi)

Letters From the Ice Age (baekyeol, R, romance, apocalypse au)

Close Your Eyes One Last Time (baekyeol, pg-13, humour)

→ suchen

It's Good to be Bad (suchen, pg-13, romance/humour)

pretty boy polaroids (suchen, pg-13, romance/friendship/drama)

→ sekai

oh sehun, awkward kid extraordinaire (sekai, pg, crack/romance)

frequent flyer miles (sekai, pg, crack)

A Game of Aeons (sekai, nc-17, gaming!canon)

→ centric

the life and times of park chanyeol (chanyeol-centric, slight baekyeol, crack)

mission: gangnam style (baekhyun-centric, k ot6, crack)

Fastrack (kai-centric/ot12, pg-13, bandfic)

Waiting (luhan-centric/hunhan, pg, romance)

→ others

something like quick witted romance (lukai, pg, fluff/slight crack)

will it pour needles someday? (layhan, pg, angst)

crack crack crack (subaek, pg, crack/romance)

your home is my heart (baekhan, pg, romance)

always (taoris, g, romance)

Sequined Skirts (fanxing, pg-13, romance/humour)

Silent G (krisuho, pg-13, romance/humour)

Fly Me Home (krishan, pg-13, romance/humour)

Ruined and Defeated (krislayhan, pg-13, romance/humour)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters (hunhan/kaisoo/taoris, pg-13, romance/humour)

Seoul Underground (hunhan/sekai/lukai/fanxing, nc-17, streetgang!AU)

Heaven is a Place on Earth With You (baekyeol/hunhan, pg-13, romance, angels!AU)

Pop, Six, Squish (Cicero, Lipschitz) (kaisoo/baekyeol/taoris/xiuhanhun/chenxing, pg-13, romance/dark humour)

everybody stfu (m ot6, pg)

bathroom escapade (m ot6)

→ twitter au

Peep Show (ot12)

Devil in Bed (ot12)

Sex Kitten (ot12)

→ mall au

Got a Figure Like a Pinup (Got a Figure Like a Doll) (hunhan, nc-17)

You Just Gotta Ignite the Light (And Let It Shine) (kai/sehun/krystal, pg-13)

I, I Love You (Like a Love Song, Baby) (kaisoo, pg-13)

I’m Just a Holy Fool (Oh Baby, He’s So Cruel) (kai/luhan/sehun, pg-13)

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