French Kissing Boys Into Men

- Five times Wally and Artemis kissed.

A Shine on the Floor

- Wally stumbles upon some great blackmail fodder: Artemis’s part-time job at McDonald’s. Whether this will cause him pain or profit is entirely up to him.

boys of summer

- If you had told Wally West that he would start his senior year with Artemis Crock under his arm, he would have laughed you out the door. (a summer camp au)

feelings on fire - After Artemis confesses her family ties and before she goes to Santa Prisca, she and Wally have a conversation heard only to them.

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jul 26 2019 +

reunite (pg, family/humour) - 1st gen dragon slayers + grandine

broken vicinity (g, humour) - team natsu

early bird gets the worm (pg-13, humour/family) - ice family

sin and sacrifice (pg-13, angst) - ice family

→ Jellal/Erza

Just For Tonight (m, angst/romance)

the world ends with you (pg-13, romance/angst/drama)

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nov 5 2014 +

Meet the Parents (pg-13, humour/romance, modern AU)

Alarm (romance/humour, firefighter AU)

Oblivious (pg-13, crack)

Seasons (pg-13, romance/humour)

nobody wins at war (pg-13, humour)

these everyday occurrences (pg, humour/romance)

dustland fairytale (pg, romance/adventure)

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The New Normal

- They're not really friends, and they're definitely not dating, but one thing is for sure: Raven and Beast Boy's relationship is anything but normal.


- His task was simple: distract the redhead's friend. Her quiet, intimidating, incredibly attractive friend. Talk to her; tell her a joke. It wouldn't really matter - the girls were way out of their leagues, anyway

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conviction (pg-13, romance)

The Trouble with Symmetry (pg-13, humour/romance)

The Tenth Hour (pg-13, romance, au)

Hard Liqour (m, romance/drama, prohibition!au)

Denial (g, romance/humour)

Adamantine (m, romance/angst)

Coming Off the Page (pg-13, romance/humour)

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oct 5 2014 +

The House That Fear Built (m, angst/horror)

seven little killers (pg-13, drama) - exwires

man, i love college (pg-13, romance, college!au) - full cast

Ignorance is Bliss (g, humour) - twins

Why Rin shouldn't Summon (pg, humour/drama) - rin

Angel in Disguise (pg, mystery/special) - yukio, shura

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→ xiuhani

the act of rolling milk (xiumin/hani, pg-13, romance)

→ kaisoo

keyboard smash my love (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/borderline crack/humour)

Stay the Night (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

insert an epigram for awkwardness here (kaisoo, pg-13, humour/romance/crack)

how about a cup of coffee and a side of you? (kaisoo, pg-13, romance/humour)

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Dear Hot Waiter (au, pg, humour/romance)

kisses gone horribly wrong! (pg, romance/humour)

the lovey dovey guild! (pg, romance/humour)

Returning The Favor (pg-13, romance/humour)

Troublesome Wife (pg-13, au, romance/humour)

Screw Single Beds (pg-13, romance/humour)

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oct 5 2014 +

Curiosity (ot5, pg-13, mystery)

23 Seconds (ot5, pg-13, tragedy)

At Day's End (ot5, pg-13, bandfic)

Basic Bitches Wear That Shit, So I Don't Even Bother (jongtae, pg-13, romance/humour, fashion!verse)

aquamarine (ot5, pg, bandfic)

my little monster (jongyu, pg)

Ash Dawn (jongyu, r, post-apocalypse!AU)

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sep 23 2013 +

→ luna

pick me up (chenluna, pg-13, romance)

on and off (chenluna, pg-13, fluff/romance)

under my skin (baekluna, pg, fluff/romance)

living in monochrome (d.o-centric, d.oluna, nc-17, romance/slight angst)

serendipity (d.oluna, g, romance)

from head to toe (you captive me) (seluna, pg, romance)

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