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body is 20. Australian.

we struggle with several mental health issues, including (but not necessarily limited to) ASD, ADD, anxiety, bipolar, BPD, depression, dissociation, DPD.
we are trying to become better people and love ourselves.

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System Context

  • fictive
  • been around since early-mid December 2018

Identity and Self

  • cis female
    • she/her
  • age unsure for now, teen years
  • bi/pan
    • has a preference for females and feminine-presenting individuals


  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • the colour purple
  • violin
  • girls
  • Stardew Valley, and Subnautica
  • tea
  • punk rock and pastel goth


  • Homestuck
    • Rose Lalonde



  • she's absolutely savage. very level-headed, too
jan 17 2019 ∞
jun 27 2019 +