👽 now playing: Halloween by Japan 👽

  • my gf was successfully spooked
  • i'm thinking about the desert moon album cover
  • it's so hypnotizing it's like dennis deyoung wants to pull me in and take me on an adventure
  • i'm not ok
  • anyways oh my god that cover is so fucking BEAUTIFUL it's so simple and i'm so in love with it
  • i've spent hours staring at it

👽 now playing: Lose Yourself To Dance by Daft Punk 👽

  • i love dennis deyoung
  • if he did pull me into the album cover and take me on an adventure i would be ok with it
  • it seems so nice in there in that little album world

👽 now playing: Spider by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • i'm still thinking about it
  • maybe it'd be just this wholne universe inside this album cover this vast land
  • and then he'd let me in to explore and he'd play songs
  • and it would be so nice
  • he'd show me around and show me the stars cause there's probably no light out there

👽 now playing: Only A Lad (10") by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • oh my god i'm REAPING RNnnnnnnn NOOOOO
  • i feel fuckimng terrible
  • i'm gonna do this again

👽 now playing: Run Away (The Escape Song) by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • finally doing my graphics assignment
  • my teacher wanted me to resubmit
  • at first i was mad but then he said i was creative so i'm not mad anymore
feb 5 2023 ∞
feb 6 2023 +