👽 now playing: Up My Sleeves by Death Grips 👽

  • college is starting next monday
  • i woke up late again
  • i went to the cafe as well and had a quick chat with my girlfriend
  • i wonder if something bad's gonna happen to me if i stop making these posts...

👽 now playing: Good For Your Soul by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • i remade this song on that thirtydollar.website soundfont page
  • i don't kknow why i just was bored
  • i have too much time on my hands
  • wrong song
  • i wonder if i should link the stuff i listen to

👽 now playing: Fresh by DEVO 👽

  • this song makes me think about when i went to Omega Mart back last year
  • uuuugh i wanna go back
  • additive s got to me
  • anyways i'm trying to write a resume this is so dumbbbbbbb

👽 now playing: QKthr by Aphex Twin 👽

  • i think that i should start up my last.fm again
  • but i mean what good does it really do?
  • nah maybe i won't
  • i feel like the 25 addison rae tweets music is my life dude
  • i'm obsessed with music
  • i wanna work at the music store down near target
  • i'm nervous
  • what if i don't get this job
  • also i'm writing about this in my planner diary
  • maybe i'll publish it someday
  • maybe the fact that i'm average is a good selling point
jan 24 2023 ∞
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