👽 now playing: On The Outside by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • todays the last day of school altogether
  • i can’t believe i updated this shit every single day
  • im probably gonna still update it
  • i hope this summer is actually good and i don’t rot like i did over winter break because i have TWO ENTIRE MONTHS to do things (not like high school where it was half of june and all of july and then half of august)
  • thinking about it makes me nauseous
  • or maybe it’s cause i ate
  • i felt like i belonged in my art class…

👽 now playing: Burnin’ For You by Blue Öyster Cult 👽

  • walking to the cafe and singing along
  • and i feel really good right now
  • i hope desh is at the cafe rn

👽 now playing: Controller by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • desh was not at the cafe
  • and i'm like what now??? lmfao
may 25 2023 ∞
may 26 2023 +