👽 now playing: On The Outside by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • damn coffee actually works on me
  • i'm just kind of sitting here in my room i feel kind of meh right now
  • casually doodling and stuff
  • i wish that i wasn't human
  • it would be so cool if i was a little green alien and i go around in space and do silly things

👽 now playing: Mr. Roboto by Styx 👽

  • this might be the week that i write actual dialogue for this album remake
  • the ideas are just like surging through me right now
  • lightning shoots from my fingertips
  • like it was the dialogue after Mr. Roboto that really opened my eyes
  • i could tack that on, change some things and that would essentially be one part of the story
  • the way jonathan says “kilroy… it’s really you!” just makes me ascend
  • it’s after the song in the Caught In The Act show
  • you can do so much with this album it’s unreal
  • i can’t believe that no one knows who kilroy is even after listening to the song so much
  • i’ll show them i’ll show them all
feb 6 2023 ∞
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