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👽 hi i'm stanley or stan
👽 18, he/it
👽 as you can tell i love aliens very much i feel like an alien myself sometimes
👽 i like to draw a lot
👽 robots are also very silly

mimi to do
eliza things i like (and will therefore tweet about)
oliver other places my identity is scattered (social media i use)
169w journal (2/8/23)
art (doodles - 2)

👽 now playing: Glory Be by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • im at costco rn…
  • my head kind of hurts
  • im worried i pissed off the record store employee cause he seemed dry when i talked to him
  • i have this annoying valley girl voice when i get excited so maybe he didn’t like listening to that
  • i feel a little bad
jan 25 2023 ∞
jan 25 2023 +